Friday, May 25, 2007

Old Bauman

Well there he is . . . I knew I'd see my friend Bauman in this game eventually. I remember him talking to me at my house when he visited me from out of state. We played EQ together for a long time. He played a bard and then a necro and I played a cleric and then a beastlord. The words still ring in my head, "I know all about the Lord of the Rings books . . . inside and out." Now I play a Minstrel and he plays this NPC. CRAZY. To think he chose to be an old dude that gives out quests and whittles wood all day. Much respect.
I chose to be a wisened man as well. I don't give out quests though . . . I just raise the charisma quotient with a super thick beard and helmet hair. Life is good.


Bpaul said...

Where'd your name come from??

(and thanks for posting screenshots)


stingite said...

well, at the start up screen they tell you that humans from Bree usually take on names from the nature around them and they usually end in a few suffixes . . . one of which was "bu." I have a personal mythos about the bachelor button flower anyway . . . so this was shortened up to Bachelbu.

This also worked out nicely because I play a minstrel . . . everybody in our guild has shortened this to simply "Bach." Works just as well.