Friday, January 11, 2008

Gollum Encounter in LOTRO

So, I realize that I'm behind the times because this content came out a month or so ago, but it's all new to me. There's a little quest you can undertake in South Trollshaws that pairs you with a hunter named Wistan. You see, this "creature" has been KS'ing the hunters out there, and it's miffing them. To boot, you have this . . . thing . . . sneaking into the local's houses and sniffing at their cribs, so they're a little freaked obviously.

I did this solo instance twice and made screenshots and captured it a bit with Fraps. Gollum has always been my favorite creepy character ever since seeing The Hobbit cartoon.

So, without any more delay . . . I present to you (in all it's ancient stoorish hobbity goodness) my latest Youtube, the Gollum Encounter in LOTRO . . . it's hella good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ettenmores for Exp at 40th level

I had hinted on this in an earlier blog entry . . . when you hit 40th you can travel to the Ettenmoors, right? right! It's actually cheeper now that it was as well . . . for the cost of 1 silver, you can buy a trip there.

I recently did this with my little Champion alt who dinged 40. Easy exp my friends. There are at least 4 quests you can do that will net you easy exp and 3 others that could possibly do the same as well.

What you’ll want to do is take the hike like no other quest, the quest to visit Ost, the quest to visit hoarhollow, and the cleansing the hoarwell quest. Before you log in, you may want to visit the AH and pick up 10 hoarhollow ales, 5 historical books of rhudaur, and 10 historical notes of Rhudaur. Why? These may be hard to find, but if you do manage to find them, when you get to Ost, you'll have 3 more quests you can do turn ins for and get exp.

click me to make me bigger!

So, that map shows pretty much the path I took while completing these quests. I'll detail them below
1- You start out here in Coldfells at the Freep main base. Follow the arrows through the back path up to Ost Ringdyr.
2- Here in Ost Ringdyr you can do the turn ins that I mentioned above and complete your first quest. You'll also flag a location for your Hike like no other quest.

3- From Ost you'll want to make your way up to Isendeep Mines to be flagged as visiting that for the Hike like no other quest. As a side note, if you're a miner and this area is controlled by the free people . . . yum . . . mining goodness inside.

4- After making your way back to Ost, head on out and a touch north so you can get flagged for visiting Tirith Rhaw (TR). Just touch the North side and you'll be flagged as far as I can remember.

5- TR is just a quick stop off as you make your way up to the top of the waterfall. Now this is kind of risky. On top of this hill that overlooks the waterfall, you have a good chance that it will be controlled by the Creeps. If you just go barreling through here you'll get smoked and hate me for my advice. What you need to do is approach the hill from the north and make a swoop along the edge. As you do this, you will attract the attention of a giant mosquito looking mob (pass that first one on the hill to the right) and you'll have a series of archers start plucking you with arrows . . . just keep running and fall down the hill to the top of the waterfall. You'll get a message that you should click on the barrel in your inventory. Do this. Now personally I like to then fall down the waterfall. as you fall down the waterfall, press your back arrow so that you hang on the ledge. Wait for the snare from fall damage to go away. Then drop down the rest of the way and swim along the bank and follow the arrow to 6.

6- Manuever your way to the grim lumber camp so you can be flagged for the hike quest.

7- Head on over to Hoarhollow and talk to the mayor to finish a quest.

8- Next, take the long way around and over to Lugazag and get flagged.

9- Take a hop, skip, and a jump over to the bridge to be flagged for visiting Tol Ascarnen. Now all you have to do is make your way back to Coldfells and you're done. Easy exp and a few tokens to boot.
Your milage may reeaaaaally vary . . . this is just how I would do it. :-) Best of luck avoiding the creeps.