Friday, January 11, 2008

Gollum Encounter in LOTRO

So, I realize that I'm behind the times because this content came out a month or so ago, but it's all new to me. There's a little quest you can undertake in South Trollshaws that pairs you with a hunter named Wistan. You see, this "creature" has been KS'ing the hunters out there, and it's miffing them. To boot, you have this . . . thing . . . sneaking into the local's houses and sniffing at their cribs, so they're a little freaked obviously.

I did this solo instance twice and made screenshots and captured it a bit with Fraps. Gollum has always been my favorite creepy character ever since seeing The Hobbit cartoon.

So, without any more delay . . . I present to you (in all it's ancient stoorish hobbity goodness) my latest Youtube, the Gollum Encounter in LOTRO . . . it's hella good.


Bpaul said...

As usual, the musical accompaniment is fabulous sir!

very cool

Your character looks badass now!

stingite said...

Thanks, B!

Yeah, Bach has to fight off women and small children. Women because of the hotness. Children because he looks a tad like Santa Claus. I really need to dye those red boots.

Anonymous said...

So... when are we going to drag the wonder twins in to LotR you think Sting?.... Cal/Jel et all