Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sorry no updates in a while

Hello Minstrel Fridge Magnet readers! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. Truth is I've been cavorting with my champion, who dinged 46 today! Give me a few weeks and I should have two max level characters at my disposal, which is awesome. There's going to be a ton more flexibility with that.

So, random reader . . . if you have any requests for information from a seasoned (well kinda) minstrel, please leave it here, and I'll do my best to respond to you in a future post.

Of other character news, Bach became a grandmaster jeweler and my champ is only a few hundred points away from becoming a grandmaster scholar. What does that mean? That means I can craft the best jewelry items in the game and make all kinds of health and power potions for all my raider friends.

Good times.

And now . . . random screenshot time.

I thought this was a great shot of my champ fighting a wolf in the misty mountains. (click to enlarge)


Bpaul said...

What would I understand the Champion to be? Maybe a fighter? Tank? Ranger?

stingite said...

Champ would be melee AOE damage, off tank, and agro managing assistant. seriously . . . as strange as that may sound.

If you want aoe damage, you grab a champ or two. (great for farming and those events with all those little millions of adds)

If you want an offtank, I can dump my offhand weapon and equip a shield and wear heavy armor (and have single target taunt skills to boot).

If you want someone to help remove agro from the healer and then dump it on to the tank . . . here I am. Call me, mr. champion.

Bpaul said...

Bit monk/ranger-like in the EQ sense then.


stingite said...

Well . . . close . . . but the difference here is that there are only two "plate" classes (heavy armor). The Guardian and the Champion.

When I think monk/ranger, I think leather wearing classes with high evasion skills and excellent one vs. one melee skills. Monk and ranger both also excel at pulling and have a taunt key.

When I think champ, I think plate class with high AOE melee. The bow is just incidental. There are also specific skills for taunting and dumping agro.

I guess it's kind of a wash.

I really really like the way the classes are set up in LOTRO.

stingite said...

I lied . . . captains also wear heavy armor.

There's another class I'd like to try.