Friday, February 22, 2008

Crannog's Challenges and Book 12

So, they recently updated the game again and made some stellar changes in Angmar. I liked this zone to begin with, but now it's 10X more awesome. The quest lines are more logical, the outposts are better, and the level progression across the map just simply makes better sense.

So, I ran both my champ and my minstrel through a series of quests back in good ol' aughaire. The chieftan there (mr. Crannog to you) has a very nice surprise for you at the end of his quest line. I'll let the video below do the rest of the talking.

also introduced with book 12 was THE NEW ULTRA-BARBIE CLOTHING OPTION. So in all their wisdom, the developers added two little clothing slots in your gear, so you can have three outfits to choose for your barbie all while retaining the stats of your "real" gear set. Thank you developers. Now bach can slay the dragon in his party dress. Bless you.

Stunning, just stunning


Anonymous said...

Nice reporting as always :) I started a Minstrel after reading your blog and she just hit 50, now I'm off to go get that trinket..

stingite said...

Awesome! Gratz on 50, and I hope that trinket serves you well! Thanks for reading. :-)

Bpaul said...

You always choose the best music, LOL rocking.

Nice post -- I think a friend of mine has just been exposed as a LOTR'r -- I think I'm going to go and corner him to see him play.

stingite said...

OO!! Mutual friend?