Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here it comes . . . the mines of moria

Well, Turbine announced the new expansion and watch out, here come the Rune-Keepers. Jeepers-Creepers! Just sounds like a great new class name, doesn't it?

"Marvin is so funny in kin chat that he shouldn't be called a Rune-Keeper; he should instead be called a Hilarity-Keeper! LOL"

"Nah, Marvin sucks, he should be called a Rune-Failer. xD"

Hyphenated class names ftw. It's built in kinship chat comedy!

The other new class they announced was The Warden. What a completely unfun name. I can't even think of a good rhyme to go with Warden other than Boredom, and that's not even a good rhyme . . . that's not even half-rhyme . . . just some lame quasi-
assonance. I hope the class plays better than the name. sheesh.

If you're looking for details, you're going to have to wait a bit. Turbine has set up
the mines of moria website and it looks like at the end of March, beginning of April they'll be having you play little mini-games to unlock secrets and information about the new classes and all the other new goodies . . . unless of course they just announce it was a big April fool's joke on us all.

Level cap is going up to 60 as well kids. Have fun with that.

I'm wondering if they'll increase the number of characters you can have in your account by 2 (ala Guild Wars) because currently you only get 5 slots. There's a gal in my kinship who has all 5 slots filled with level 50 characters, and I don't think she's the only one.

Along with this expansion will come six new books worth of quests under a new "volume," so that should be a lot of fun. Rock on. I wonder if you're going to see Gandalf say "you shall not pass" in one of them. /scratches head. Would be cool.

And now . . . pirate picture!

Nalgron, Burwinn, and Bachelbu modeling the new pirate-barbie look!


Bpaul said...

Always good to get an update on my vicarious gaming site :-)

<--- vicariously gaming since... '06?

stingite said...

haha. yup. Now was that more like December '06? Don't make me go back and look up your retirement thread on the UEC boards . . . I'll do it! ;-)

Bpaul said...

I double dog dare you... I want my freedom date LOL

stingite said...

Here it is . . .

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 4:12 pm Post subject: Thanks to everyone


So I decided tonight to stop playing WoW. I've sold my account, it's in the process of going away as I type. When I left Everquest, that was the answer to how I was going to do it, take the account out of my hands completely and go cold turkey. A tiny bit of cash at the end of all this is a nice thing as well

I'm happy to be doing this, and in a good place with it. I'm not mad at anyone, I'm not disappointed with game (pvp saved my gaming life lately, holy hell it was fun) and I expect the expansion will be totally dandy.

I'm just reprioritizing things in my life, and this game is WAY too good at taking up more space in my life than entertainment aught to.

I'm going to stay on the boards and on vent and gtalk, etc so I can stay in touch with my friends. I've learned through meeting my game friends IRL that friendships made in game, over voice, are as real in person as they are over a computer. I'm not worried about losing touch with my friends, it's just a matter of figuring out what is the best medium of contact. I'll be getting a hold of you and I encourage you to do the same. You know where to find me, but if not, my email is xxxxx

Bpaul said...

So baaaarely '06 then

still, doin' good, holdin' in there...


without major *twitch* side affects *twitch*