Friday, May 18, 2007

Ding 19/20 coolness factor found!

Ding 19 and 20 . . . they both went relatively fast. I had been hearing this "ND" acronym being thrown around by the 20's crowd in guild and found that spot yesterday. A quest in Bree told me to head up that way and chat with some townies. So I did. It's a touch higher level for me, but I managed to complete a quest or two by sneaking behind groups and grabbing stuff from camps before respawn happened, which was quite quick.

The big news for me is . . . the coolness factor has been found and that is grouping and in particular fellowship manuevers. More info about those is found here. I had no idea they existed, but they rock.

I keep forgetting to load fraps, but I will . . . and when I do, I'll post up some video footage.


Bpaul said...

Hey that's groovy.

I do "fellowship maneuvers" IRL now, works like crazy for school LOL.

Yes, fraps; yes, video.


stingite said...

found out the hip word for "fellowship maneuvers" is "conjunctions." And thus we are now forced to break into song . . . conjunction, junction, what's your function?