Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First! (and some observances)

Hi. I'm hoping this blog will be a place to not only journal a bit but also to talk a bit about my new chosen class in Lord of the Rings Online. I'm also hoping for a bit of response from anyone that's reading to give more insights or just spur discussion.

I'm playing a minstrel, which is kind of a mixture of bard from EQ and your standard healer class. It's kind of cool, when you play a song, it not only damages your target but also sends out a buff. The third tier of songs you play (have to play a tier 1 and 2 song first) will buff your group as well. And instead of being a hybrid . . . the minstrel is the main healing class. wild.

I've been reading a bit from the class forum boards, and that's a great resource. . . some tidbits I've picked up so far:
  • +evasion items might be a good strategy to countering high agro
  • Stay close to the tank in most instances so they can use their agro grabbing tools
  • people are claiming the agro from healing is outrageous and especially if you don't have a good guardian (i.e., tank)
  • +will items are better than +power items
  • if you die a lot while soloing you need to learn2playnoob.

Things I've noticed so far as a level 14 minstrel:

  • The fear you get at this level is good on humanoid targets . . . even elites.
  • Clear an area to pull a fear kite target into rather than engage them where they stand.
  • You can survive 3 at once if you have a heal potion ready after you kill the first one. Don't even try to song heal yourself if you have 3 beating on you.
  • Stat food is good, regen food is better.
  • It's dang hard re-finding quest givers sometimes. You may want a good cheat map just to cut down on hunt and find time.
  • High level friends powerleveling you through quests that are a little high for you = good. They might even give you some hints about the specific mobs in the areas you're fighting in.
  • Always talk to the stable hand to lock in a town.
  • Paying 1 silver for a fast zone from stable hand to stable hand to the other side of town may or may not be worth it . . . it has to reload the zone. Probably still faster but . . . every silver counts here at lower levels.
  • Lag in Bree is astounding at times.
  • Lag in the crafting shop inside Bree can be even more astounding.
  • YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY AN INSTRUMENT WITH THE /MUSIC COMMAND!!!! You get 3 full octaves and can just sit there and jam. It'll even play chords. Of course, you only get one octave at a time to your disposal.
  • Oh man, a lot of people playing instruments at once can be a huge lag factor.
  • Repair your gear often.
  • Quests are bank for both money and exp. Do 'em.
  • Killing a lot of stuff can unlock some cool traits and a title. It's good if you're just in a solo grind mood.
  • Day 4 of the same minstrel battle sounds I was ready to destroy the game. Day 6 I had completely blocked the sound out mentally. /shrug.
  • Be polite when you see someone fighting a monster right near a mine please . . . they probably are fighting that monster because they want the mine . . . if you jump it, you're a jerk.
And that's all I got in me so far. I'm liking my new guild and I'm having fun with the game. Hope to get some good comments and have people drop by as I write my way through the game.

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