Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Minstrel's Friend

So I did the level 15 medium armor quest last night. It was waaaaay too easy.

Basically you have to escort a hobbit in a mini-zone. He fights off light blue con, brigand-model mobs while you either join in the battle or simply heal him. Around 15% life, the brigands beg for mercy. Eventually you get to the end of the tunnel where you do the same against the leader of the troupe, who isn't any tougher than the rest of them. At which point they decide, what the heck, let's share this meat and blackwolds come running out from around the corner praising the hobbit for being such a standup short guy.

After that you zone out of your mini-instance and go talk to the minstrel at the Prancing Pony Inn. He tells you to jump up on one of the tables and sing a song about what you just did. That was actually the hardest part. I jumped on the table and typed /music and started jamming thinking that was what I was supposed to do. LOL. Come to find out I just needed to click on the song lyric item in my inventory. Rack that up to not paying close enough attention to the scrolling game text. I didn't even realize that I had the song lyrics in my backpacks.

The other cool part of this quest is that you get a cool club called "The Minstrel's Friend." It's actually not a bad beating stick for this level. It was definitely an upgrade for me. :-)


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