Monday, May 14, 2007

Ding 17

Ding 17. Those crazy forsaken inn people. They got all the mad quests, yo.

I didn't get to play much this weekend at all, really. I instead spent most of my time in the real world shoveling dirt; buying and planting trees; attending a soccer game; taking my wife, mother, and mother-in-law out for lunch for mother's day; cooking my wife and mother-in-law breakfast; attending church; studying lesson material for church since I had to teach; and playing with the kids.

This morning I did head back to the combe area to get going on the prologue to the story-line quests in the game since I haven't even touched those yet. I'm way above the level to do those . . . so the exp garnered was like 50 exp? Totally NOT level appropriate. :-) it made navigating around wolves and bears to pick roots and berries a snap though.

Somehow I've bottomed out with game money and only have 2 silver to my name, which stinks. I need to find a good money making venue at this level.

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