Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1,000 button mashes woohoo! (ding 18)

Last night I stopped stalling and just decided to finish a couple forsaken inn quests and be done with it. Ding 18.

There's a quest where you have to kill some wolves a little more northward of forsaken inn . . . kind of on your way toward weathertop. I just have to note here that it was a serious pain finding the stealthed wolves. There just aren't enough of them to go around. So bring some patience. What I did notice about this area was that there were quite a few cool looking trees that lent themselves to a fun looking battle with a few orcs. I wish I would have had Fraps running . . . in fact, I may need to head back so I can just make a fraps of this fight--try to recreate it or something. There was a lot of weaving in and out and around the trees; it was just awesome.

Also of note this level . . . I did it! I mashed the herald strike button 1,000 times and opened up the class trait "herald's hammer." If you mix herald's hammer trait with the noble cause buff and a few herad strikes . . . you can actually put out some pretty decent DPS for a minstrel. I'm incredibly excited about this . . . the only downfall is that I don't get another class trait slot until 21st level, and right now I have the medium armor trait in my class trait slot. So I'm going to have to wait, but it makes me anxious to reach 21st level! That's a good thing.

This morning I spent some time chatting and splitting mobs with an equal level minstrel as we both ran up the hill in Minas Eriol. It was really cool chatting with him. I added him to my friends list, and I hope I get to chat with him again. It's good to have some class comrades to chat strategy with in game. I used to do that with a lot of beastlords back in EQ.


Bpaul said...

Can you (or have you, I haven't read every post yet) post a description of your class and it's roles/utility?

stingite said...

I did a little bit of a description in the very first post:

"I'm playing a minstrel, which is kind of a mixture of bard from EQ and your standard healer class. It's kind of cool, when you play a song, it not only damages your target but also sends out a buff. The third tier of songs you play (have to play a tier 1 and 2 song first) will buff your group as well. And instead of being a hybrid . . . the minstrel is the main healing class. wild."

So buff and heal. I also have a fear and I just picked up an undead mez type spell at 19. So there's some crowd control there. Unlike some MMO fear spells . . . if a mob is feared into other mobs, it doesn't bring the other mobs back with it.

Around level 30 I hear that DPS goes completely out the window for my class. Which, for a utility and healing class, is totally understandable. I think the DPS I have now is just to allow for soloing.

Bpaul said...

thanks, I hadn't read that far back yet