Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Crow Killing Time!

Ding 16. I've spent most of my time that last level at the forsaken inn. The people there are pretty much bent over all the goblins, wolves, crows, and boars and stuff that's bugging the crap out of them. It's pretty standard fare for MMOs to have quest givers be pestered folk, isn't it? And we like it too because it's straight forward for the most part. Go kill 16 goblins. Awesome. Will do. Go get me 10 wolf pelts. YOU GOT IT! 7 boar tusks? rawr. You need some crow feathers for your pillow? IT'S CROW KILLING TIME! (tm) (I'm so trademarking that)

I actually need to go back and work through the storyline though. I've kind of been skipping that whole aspect of the game in favor of just questing and leveling. I'm blatently trying to catch up to the 25+ level folks so I can play with them more. That's another wonderful aspect of me and gaming. I'm always trying to catch up to somebody. hehe.

I also ran to some town that was west of the forsaken inn. Following the road wasn't too bad, but eventually there were mobs crossing the road that conned red and purple, which would equal defeat . . . but with a little creative strafing, it wasn't too bad to get through and on to the new city. I didn't spend much time there since I needed to get to work, but I made it! yay!

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