Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ding and dang 15

Last night I had both my first death and I dinged 15. It was funny because in the morning yesterday I was killing mobs 2 or 3 levels over me and doing really well. At night yesterday I couldn't deal with a simple even con bear. /boggle. I wrack it up to just being tired. I had healing potions and mana to spare when I died. Oh well . . . at least I got the level 14 title, "indomitable," for not dying up until that point.

15th is a cool level for a Minstrel because we get the medium armor trait. On the forum boards it's being debated on the usefulness of using the limited trait slots for medium armor. Those arguing for medium armor say that medium armor is more plentiful and has better stats. Those arguing against medium armor are saying there's really no difference and I can be better served with a different trait in that slot.

When I logged out last night, I was at the feet of the guy who runs you through the quest. I'm looking forward to completing that the next time I log on. Can't do that this morning though since the servers are down for maintenance.

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