Monday, July 23, 2007

Ding 43 . . . well close enough

I'm just a bub away from 43. These last couple of levels have been all about Angmar. Ohhhh my, Angmar.

You see, Angmar is the Maiden's Eye or the Plaguelands of Lord of the Rings. Why do I say that? Well, in EQ, Maiden's Eye to me was one of "thee" scariest zones out there back when you were in your low 50's. It was easy to get overwhelmed and die there . . . and die quickly. There was just a feeling about Maiden's eye that will stick with me always. spooky. Plaguelands in WoW was the end leveling area back before Burning Crusade. It wasn't terribly nasty although you could definitely die there if you weren't alert. But it too was slightly overcast and forboding.

So let me see if I can describe what I've seen of Angmar so far. It' chock full of nasty mobs that will kill you quick. Anywhere you go, there's something there to kind of keep you on your toes. In the fields there are these hitpoint heavy elite bulls (called "Gouge-horns") that give you a nice 2 second warning before running you down if you're still in their agro radius. In the bogs there are these gigantic hitpoit heavy elite turtles (yes, turtles . . . it's quite funny to be attacked by a giant aggressive turtle) that can mow you over faster than one would ever dream a turtle could. In the center of the bog there's a hidden den of fire worms (like dragons without wings) . . . again, these things will kick your butt faster than you know your butt's on fire. In other areas mobs like to come in twos and threes and assist each other. There's also a bunch of connecting raid instances in Angmar. It's just a downright spooky zone.

Jello and I leave a lot of these turtle corpses around when we duo.

If you can't tell by now, I like Angmar a whole lot. :-) It's just the way I am. So, I'm having a ton of fun working through this stuff as well. The run to level 50 is going to be spent 2 places . . . angmar and misty mountains . . . there's really no where else to go. i guess some parts of Evendim are still viable, but this is the spot atm! Good stuff.

There was one particular quest in Angmar that lead me through 3 challenges. The end challenge was to sneak/kill my way into a nasty hillman camp and kill their chief. this was by far one of the coolest quest lines I've done so far. Chief Walraig came in a pull with a healer. It was an incredibly difficult fight, but I lived to tell the tale and have the "solo pwnd" screenshot to match.

Walraig and Bach tango into the night. HACHA!

**NOTE** this quest line was changed in a recent patch, please go to this newer post here to read about it **NOTE**

Of other note I also crafted a really nice “crit” ring and discovered that when you crit on these upper items you get to “inscribe” a word on them. Awesome.

I wanted to inscribe "Bachelbu made this beeotch," but opted for a simple "Bachelbu" when I discovered you couldn't put spaces in the inscription.

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