Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ding 40! Oh Noos!

So here I am . . . facing my last ten levels. Btw . . . as a tip, they give you a free 2.5k exp at 40 just for visiting Ettenmoors (the pvp area). Sure it'll cost you 35 silver or so just to pay a visit, but I don't care. I didn't go out to pvp or anything; I just talked to the stable hand, he ported me there, I talked to the stable hand there, he gave me exp loving, and I ported back to the real world. yay. Harmless, shameless exp.

I spent some time the other day just running around mining up copper and gems and killing low level wights. Why? Well I just figured something out in the totally non-intuitive crafting dialog box. You see, once you've completed a tier of crafting, you then have a second notch in that tier of crafting open up so you can "master" that tier of crafting (provided you "mastered" the lower level tier of crafting . . . clear as mud?). What I didn't really get was that there was a tab at the bottom of the dialog box (TOTALLY UNINTUITIVE . . . SERIOUSLY) that you can click on and . . . wow . . . this is what I thought to myself, "you mean if I go farm wights I can get a drop from them that gives me an almost 50% chance to crit when crafting an item? no way!" It's true! (someone is laughing at me for taking so long to figure that out on my own /shrug.) So a lady in our guild wanted some jewelry crafted for her alt and I volunteered. This wasted a bunch of time as I farmed up crit items and enough to give it two shots. LOL. I didn't crit either time. Oh well. It was a nice distraction.

On the killing things front, It's all about Misty Mountains for me now. Jelalron and myself went and killed a bunch of really grumpy Mammoths the other night and also discovered the joys of training through a number of seriously nasty elite mobs to get to some precariously placed non-elite bears I needed to kill. Good times. We then proceeded up a trail through goblin territory and completely destroyed a named at the top. Our little hunter/mistrel combo is something to be feared. Add Rogart for some tankage and we are even more deadly with random world stuff.

Onward to 50! /snap

btw . . . bad me for looking at upper level loot, but I saw this today and actually drooled a bit.

Daddy wants.


Bpaul said...

When you are hunter/minstrel, who tanks? You kite? Hows that work?

stingite said...

The fights are very Wow'esque in that they don't last very long if you're not fighting an elite. Both the hunter and the minstrel can wear medium armor. The hunter has high evasion whereas the minstrel can have a shield. So technically the minstrel is a better choice because healing wouldn't be as "streaky." I could spam heal myself to try to gain agro, but hunters have such a high DPS that their taunt is unreal.

So, the hunter tanked for the most part. There were a couple not-really close calls, but nothing major. I've also been equipped with a couple instant cast heals if things get touchy. I can also Feign Death and rez, so if things get really nasty it's really not too much of a problem. Imagine that, eh? The rezzer is equipped with feign death . . . how incredibly handy!

I guess it could become a question of who wants to front the cost of repair bills from getting beaten on.

Bpaul said...

Hunters are ranged, but no pets?

stingite said...

That is correct.

Bpaul said...

Can they ranged attack in melee distance? Or do ya'll kite or something?

stingite said...

Range attack in melee distance as far as I can tell.

stingite said...

Next time Jello and I go out duo'ing, I will be sure to bring FRAPS along for the ride. ;-)

Bpaul said...

Please do :-)