Monday, July 16, 2007

Ding 41 and King Charles

So being friends with Cagefury has already paid off in bling . . . hooray for my new horse. She lent me the last gold I needed to get my pretty pony.

I'm still thinking of a name for my new horse, but I'm leaning toward "King Charles the looming."

I dinged 41 while grinding Wargs the other day in Misty Mountains. Ahh, the good life.

Jello and I managed to group up again, and I did capture some video footage. After viewing it a bit, I think I need to not zoom out so much and try again. But, here is what I captured anyway. It was kind of difficult to play the game with no interface and really show how it goes down, but my Fraps is currently set to start video capture when I hit F12 and that's the same key to hide the interface. yeah, easy fix. Let it be done. this was just some easy grinding on some humans. We chose them because the humanoids drop pages for our legendary traits . . . it's the big, cool thing for level 40+ people to work on. To tell you the truth I don't even know what my legendary trait is. LOL. I should spend some more time researching this stuff.


Bpaul said...

They definitely took some notes from the WoW playbook didn't they. Looks slick tho, and I do see that ranged has to go melee at short range, that's good. Was curious about that one.

What was that music? Dug it.

stingite said...

music = a Fluke song.

yeah, it's very wow'ish . . . much mellower and softer graphics. The graphics kind of remind me of Guild Wars actually.

Bpaul said...

WHICH Fluke song, man WHICH.


stingite said...

I think it's called Mosh?

Bpaul said...

I'll go looking.

Anonymous said...

I do more ranged damage in melee range than appears in the video, the majority of my damage comes from ranged. Although when in melee range, the default auto attack is melee, it's just the skills that remain ranged.

stingite said...

anonymous must = Jelalron

mm hmmm!

Anonymous said...

You are correct sir!