Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dragons at level 20?

You know, I haven't played this game "seriously" for a long long time, but recently the universe has been pushing me in the direction of LOTRO, so I've been playing it again. You know, coming into things like free LOTRO point codes from an anon friend and the kinship invite from a couple old Wizard101 friends have really helped with my interest level. (Special shoutout to Steve and Christie from LiquidLOTRO.) Good times.

I've been making ok progress on my Burglar. I'm now level 23 and rising. I even got a goat!

Nice goaty. :)

What really shocked me though was this dragon I encountered while playing through the solo version of the Siege of Gondamon skirmish.

WOW! That was totally an unexpected surprise. It wasn't too difficult, but I think I just found my new favorite thing about this game.

I never had done much with Skirmishes, even when I came back to play a level or two with my minstrel. I wish I had. It might have kept me going with the game. I imagine that once you've gone through a skirmish a few hundred times, it's not as awe inspiring as the first few times, but man . . . what a total blast and completely refreshing. (Not bad exp either.)

Control+J is my new best buddy in LOTRO.

Happy Dueling!

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