Friday, July 1, 2011

Shoestrings--of diaper-clad Burglars

Shoestrings has now moved on from the tutorial!

With much cowering I avoided confrontation with the Cargul, and with much stab-itude Calder Cob was dismissed to his dirt nap. No biggie. The tutorial is short and sweet.

Shoestrings also earned his first deed!

Hooray for that. ;-) But mostly what I did was deliver the mail. You know, I never was very fond of the mail delivery quests, but it didn't seem too bad this time around. Nosey hobbits didn't catch me delivering the mail at all! Easy stuff.

Unfortunately, I left the game up while uber wife asked me to come into the garage and lift a couple things . . . an entertainment center, a couple TVs, a couch . . . that kind of thing. This isn't unfortunate because I'm a complainer or anything like that, it was unfortunate because the diaper-clad burglar undid my perfect roll through Hobbiton by running my character around without my guidance.

LOL. Well, there's goes the title for leveling to 20 without a defeat. hahaha! I tried to take a picture of him sitting at the computer with a big grin on his face, but I was slow to the draw with the Iphone. Dang cute kid.

That leaves Shoestrings at level 10 and climbing. Almost time to make the trek over to Bree.

Happy Dueling!

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