Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gwingris Questing Begins!

Well, I logged in Bach and decided to actually get going on some of these eregion quests that I had picked up. Among the quests for harvesting holly and planting seeds, the main fighting quest to begin here began with a kill quest to hunt these attractive beasts:

No, that's not just my backside, that there is a Fell Holly Creeper, which wasn't much to worry about, but the quest also asked me to hunt down a number of these signature'ish trees:

Check out those hitpoints!

Needless to say, I was a little intimated by those numbers and that glowing ring around their picture just coming fresh back into the game and not really remembering how to mash those buttons (I'm used to dueling cards out in Wizard101 remember?), but the button mashing came back quickly and before you know it, I had soloed the quest and remembered why minstrels are so freaking awesome. Heals. Period.

So Lithuilas at Gwingris was a little saddened that we had to chop down the trees and defeat his nature buddies, but it had to be done by somebody . . . might as well be Bach.

And as per usual, there was more to be done.

Yup, Lithuilas needed me to thin out these WICKED LOOKING trolls while I was at it.

I couldn't stop taking screenshots of these guys. So awesome looking.

Thankfully their hitpoints were not as nearly as scary as the tree hitpoint before them . . . I just had to kill twice as many.

By the end of my play time I had killed an hour and finished up a couple good quests . . . and remembered how to mash buttons.

I may have to call in the big guns from the kinship for this next quest . . . looks scary.

I should have scrolled down to get a screenshot of the rewards from that quest . . . they looked purple quality. cool!

Merry Minstreling to you all!

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