Monday, August 13, 2007

Ding 47 and holding

I've stalled here at 47. What I'm noticing is that a lot of the quests are now group based, which means when I fight solo all I really can do is just grind mobs over and over for traits. So, you basically kill 240-480 wargs to get a bonus of 4,000 exp and a title. Fun? meh.

Mr. Weird of the Worms to you

It is kind of cool to open up the rare names like "Weird of the worms," which is what you get for killing fire worms in angmar . . . or like "lord of the fangs," which is what you get for killing wargs in angmar. My next target will be orcs and hillmen . . . and then I may go back to worms to get the advanced trait. Let me just say that grinding these solo isn't very fun . . . it's boring . . . but if I want to keep leveling during my weird times of play when groups are scarce, this is what I'll be doing.
Speaking of grind . . . I'm grinding all the page dropping mobs as well . . . they're so pretty.

I swear this Morroval is trying to get me to look down her shirt.

Because I've stalled here, I've also been pulling my champion alt out of the closet and dusted him off a bit . . . you minstrels out there that haven't ever played a champion . . . man, you should see the nastiness of aoe killing on low level green-con mobs. I may have to make a video of it just because it impressed me so much.

I lived through this and maintained my no deaths title on my level 16 champ


Bpaul said...

Champion I assume is basically a fighter? Any deviations/skills I wouldn't expect?

stingite said...

Champion = dual wield combat class with the best AOE dps in the game. Unexpected skills? AOE stun, a casting interrupt, several self-heals, and one other heal on a 30-second timer. If you are doing any kind of escort quest, you really want one of these.

Bpaul said...

So melee dps. Is there a straight tank type? Shield/sword type?

stingite said...

Yessir . . . the Guardian. Still to this day one of the coolest moves I have ever seen comes from this class.

There was this leeeetle dwarf Guardian that I was duo'ing these giant stone trolls with. Now these trolls have a nasty stomp that stuns you and knocks you on your butt. Well the guardian has a skill (amongst many nice tanking skills) that allows them to reverse the skill being used on them. I didn't know about the skill at the time and watched this little dude knock these giant stone troll right on their butts . . . it was truly awesome.