Monday, June 25, 2007

Ding 31-37

Neglectful posting? Definitely! It's a great sign that I haven't been informing anyone on my progress; I've been having fun.

A few things have happened here since the last time I posted.

1) The Evendim free content expansion was released. This new area layout-wise reminds me of an old zone in Everquest called Dragnor's Cauldron . . . only no underwater temple, no difficult to find butcherblock entrance, and no levitation runs at 1,000 feet up. Instead there are a ton of grave-robbers and even more clueless and incompetant rangers. It's becoming a joke now about how all the quests offered to players are basically from ranger NPCs that are pretty much just lazy.

2) The fate statistic has been changed. It now not only effects in combat morale and power regeneration (read that as health and mana), but it also affects crit chance with "Tactic" based moves. That means all the minstrel songs and cries get affected by fate now. Delicious. +will and +fate items are all the rave atm.

3) I have this new guardian friend named Cagefury. She was going out of town for the week and told me to not level while she was away . . . hehe, she's gonna be pissed.

4) I don't have enough money for a horse and I don't really care. They run slower than the rented horses and you can get knocked off of them. /shrug. Maybe someday I'll get enough cash for one. I'm not in a huge rush.


Bpaul said...

Love the updates, appeases the last twinges of my MMORPG desires nicely.

Sucks you can't post/read from work tho.

stingite said...

I believe there is a work around for posting while at work . . . gonna have to try that.

Remember . . . if you ever start up a game somewhere in the universe again . . . you must warn me in advance. /pinky swear

Bpaul said...

You can set it up to be able to post from an email account I believe.

As for MMORPG gaming, I promise to tell you; and I pray never to have to.